Recording Activities

Recording Activities in Internet Advancement (IA)


Tracking the progress of unit members in the following activities is made fun and simple with the Activities module in Internet Advancement. Best of all – Any service hours recorded in Internet Advancement feed directly into Journey To Excellence (JTE).

  • Campouts – Days, Nights, Frost Points
  • Hikes – Miles, Elevation Change
  • Long Cruises (Sea Scouts) – Days, Miles
  • Service Projects – Hours

Do I still need to record hours in the Good Turn For America platform (
 All your unit service hours will be recorded in Internet Advancement. Furthermore, all Good Turn for America service hours entries, except Eagle Service Projects, are now available in Internet Advancement.

NOTE: Councils should still enter Eagle Scout Service Projects using current tools as Eagle Scout Service Project hours remain in Good Turn for America. For Exploring Service Hours continue to use Good Turn for America.

How does this affect Scoutbook?
You now record all activities in Internet Advancement. All Scoutbook camping, hiking, and camping logs have been moved to the new system. In Scoutbook, when you click on a Scout’s activity log, you will now be directed to Internet Advancement to enter activities.

  • You can also go directly to Internet Advancement directly to enter activities.
  • Scoutbook users will record all future activities in the new system.
  • Scoutbook users that record Advancement in Scoutbook should continue to record Advancement in Scoutbook, not Internet Advancement.

Can Councils View the Data?
Yes! See our new council activity reports here.

More on Journey to Excellence

  1. Legacy Scoutbook activities that were moved to Internet Advancement on May 6, 2020 do not feed into Journey to Excellence.
  2. Any service activities that were imported from Good Turn for America ( will appear in Internet Advancement and continue to feed into Journey to Excellence.
  3. Any service activities approved in Internet Advancement will feed into JTE

Who Can Record Activities?

Unit Leadership – Unit Activities (Many Participants)

Unit Leaders, Unit Key 3, Unit Advancement Chairs, and Key 3 Delegates are each invited to create and approve unit activities, each containing many participants. Reports are available for providing quick summaries of unit and individual progress over time. Learn More


Parents / Youth – (Single Participant)

Parents and youth are invited to join existing unit activities or record personal activities. Reports are available to parents and youth to track their progress over time. Learn More