Jim Vaughn Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors those who have given great service to Scouting over many decades. It was created by the Foothills district Awards and Recognition committee, and was re-named in honor of longtime Scouter Jim Vaughn after he passed away in 2005. Jim truly understood the value of recognizing faithful service.

Due to the nature of the award, it is not necessarily given every year. Recipients are selected by the Awards and Recognition committee, who are always happy to hear your suggestions for people who deserve this award due to their lifetime commitment and service to Scouting.

Note: awards presented the following year at the annual banquet.

Year Recipients
2017 Mary Ellen Yeomans
2016 Stewart Gordon
2014 Jack Sanders
2013 Tommy Treat
2012 William “Bill” Deakins
2011 Tom Ogletree
2010 Duane Ruggles
2009 Donna Vinson
2007 John L. Sullivan
2006 Al Friel
2005 Jack Boutin
2004 Bill Hart
2003 Ted Vinson
2001 Dan Worley
?? Ginny Accocella