The first OA Induction of 2020 has just completed and i’m really happy to say that we have 13 new members from 7 different troops who completed their Induction! Congratulations everyone, I know it’s a lot of work and not a ton of fun at first, but things only get better from here! Make sure you sign up for Chapter Emails using the form on the side of this website so you can stay up to date as Fall Fellowship, an OA Lodge event dedicated to nothing but fun and fellowship is just around the corner in a couple weeks and I hope everyone can come out to it!
I’d also like to give out special shout out to Troop 008, they really knocked it out of the park this weekend! Not only did two of their scouts offer to be Elangomats this weekend, which anybody familiar with the OA knows is a HUGE commitment and we’re really appreciative of it, but two of their other members, including the unit leader help out with the one of the candidate service project splitting and stacking wood for nearly the entire day! Way to go you guys. You guys rock!!
Lastly, we like to congratulate a few more of our Chapter Members as we had 3 scouts complete the Brotherhood Trail this weekend. Thank you for continuing your journey in the Order of the Arrow.
Click the collage to see a full album of photos from the weekend!